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Tomorrow is election day, and will determine the direction of Helsinki for the next four years. Residents have the right to vote regardless of one’s nationality after 51 days (EU) or two years (non-EU)  of residency. Having lived abroad for 8 years myself I find it important that foreigners too can and do participate.

I’m currently Chairman of the Helsinki City Council, running for re-election from the Greens, currently second largest party in Helsinki, right behind Kokoomus, the conservatives.

I’m a law graduate of both the London School of Economics and the University of Helsinki. As municipal politics is something one does on the side, I also have a career in the private sector and work as head of corporate communications and CSR at OP.

Within politics, economic prosperity, education, culture and climate change are themes that I’ve been particularly active on. And as mother of two, I’m obviously interested in building smoother and more fun every day life, and ensuring the high quality of and access to services.

I want to continue working towards a financially and socially intact, open Helsinki, that promotes entrepreneurship, doing and daring.

Here’s a brief recap about who I am and some of my goals.

Tuuli Kousa, current Chairman of Helsinki City Council running for re-election

  • Chairman of Helsinki City Council; elected into City Council in 2008 with re-election in 2012 (Greens)
  • Previously member of the City Board and Chairman of the City Group division responsible for the ownership steering of City owned affiliate companies and foundations
  • Board member at CSR network FIBS and the University of Helsinki Science Foundation, and previously Board member at the Finnish National Opera and Helsinki Festival
  • VP Corporate Communications and CSR at a large corporation in the private sector
  • Graduate of the London School of Economics (LL.B.) and University of Helsinki (LL.M.), full time president of the LSE Students’ Union 2002–2003
  • 37 year old mother of two boys
  • Lives in Töölö
  • Former homes in e.g. Punavuori, Munkkiniemi, Tapanila, London, Stuttgart and Burlington, IA
  • Hobbies and interests: cabin life, travelling, culinary treats, contemporary art, trekking in the Alps
  • For full cv, please visit LinkedIn.


  • Creative, competitive and fair Helsinki
  • Yes-we-can attitude as well as support for entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Open to international workforce, appreciative of heterogeneous expertise and know-how
  • Support for culture on a wide spectrum from experimental arts to more established festivals and institutions
  • Cycling lanes to all main boulevards
  • Support for the Scandinavian welfare model
  • High quality day-care and schools in all neighbourhoods regardless of wealth or address
  • Promote food culture and development such as Tukkutori, organic produce and pop-up restaurants
  • Environmental effects to be considered in all decision making

Green platform for the municipal elections in Helsinki is available here.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, email: tuuli.kousa(at)gmail.com or mobile: +358 50 5437374, and join me on Facebook and Twitter.

Local elections take place this Sunday,  9 April, 2017. Remember to vote!

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